Last week we updated a variety of our listed coil-over products on the websites! What this means is we have the latest products and latest vehicles listed on the website. A lot of our customers that are lowering their vehicles with BC Racing coil-overs drive vehicles that are less than 1-2 years old, they replaced the suspension components not because they are worn out or need replacing but they are looking to improve the handling and or the look of their vehicle.

With that being said we have listed a couple of the new coil-over setups that recently have been pushed out! You can always check through our bc coilovers vehicle manufacturer catalogue this will give you the complete list of manufacturer’s that we make aftermarket parts for.

A couple new and released suspension setups we have to offer include the Lexus ISF Coilovers the super hot sedan that comes in a 7 speed transmission and a Lexus built V8 motor. This has been a favourite within the tuner market for quite sometime a true rival to some of the other competitors in the market like the B8 Audi S4 Coilovers.

As always if you do not see your vehicle listed please contact us as we likely do have that make and model in stock it might just not be on the site yet!