BC Racing Coilovers 10- Ford Taurus/SHO


Use the BC Racing Coilover in your Ford if you drive your vehicle across rough terrain or hilly track. This suspension kit delivers enhanced performance and improves ride comfort. The BC 10- Ford Taurus/SHO Coilover has coil springs and a damper unit. An adjustable knob is mounted on top of the damper that lets you adjust the compression and rebound. BR Series has a spring preload to increase or decrease the ride height. Unsprung weight is important for the performance of your car which provides the balance between comfort and safety.


  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Taurus/SHO
  • Year: 10
  • Front Spring Rate: 6K
  • Rear Spring Rate: 8K
  • Front Camber Plates: Standard
  • Rear Camber Plates: NA
  • Chassis code: EZ II


  • Mono-tube shock design
  • 30 levels of damping force adjustment
  • Highly Customizable Coilover kit
  • Rear camber plates on applicable kits
  • adjust compression/rebound with adjustable knobs
  • Pillowball mounts and adjustable camber plates
  • Shorter shock bodies
  • shorter springs 4-5″ max drop