BC Racing Coilovers 98-02 Honda Accord


The BC Racing Coilovers provide a strong, comprehensive and aesthetic coilover system at a pretty decent cost. These coilovers are an ideal choice for a Honda Accord manufactured from years 98 – 02 as they excel at everyday driving in the streets as well as the occasional racing track adventure. Customer satisfaction is essential which is why BC guarantees more performance without compromising the ride quality. These coilovers are the best in the market as they feature adjustable ride height separate from adjustment knobs which are easy to access. Ride height can be adjusted independently by the user so that he can select the best possible driving position for him. All the adjustments are locked in securely with the BC’s patented concave lower locking ring.


  • Make: Honda
  • Model: Accord
  • Year: 98-02
  • Front Spring: 10kg/mm
  • Rear Spring : 5kg/mm
  • Front Camber Plates: NA
  • Rear Camber Plates: NA
  • Chassis Code: CG


  • Mono-tube shock design
  • 30 levels of dampening adjustment (compression/rebound)
  • Highly Customizable
  • Linear Piston And Damping Curve
  • Height Adjustment Independent Of Spring Compression
  • Front camber plates are default on all applicable kits
  • Rear Camber Plates Available For Applicable Kits
  • Custom Spring Rates and Swift Springs Available
  • Custom Valving Or Valving Paired For Custom Spring Rates
  • 1 Year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Fully rebuildable