Blox Racing Competition Series Coilover 91-01 Honda Civic


The BLOX racing Coilovers consist of using a single-cylinder mono-tube construction with matched spring rates and shock valving for the best possible handling and comfort. The best possible quality is used on all the BLOX Racing products which include SAE 9254 spring steel in all their systems. The final criteria to making sure that their springs are top-ranked and performing at the highest level are to subject them to extreme heat and powder coating. These procedures protect against any imperfections from developing and maintaining the rigidity of the overall product. 

The Competition Series is one of the most superior series that BLOX Racing has developed since its development in 2003. This series is designed for high-performance road course driving and racing. These are ideal for drivers that want to define the specifics in their vehicle. The fine-tuning options that are available for height and corner weight are far superior compared to many competitors. All Blox Racing Coilovers are put through rigorous testing procedures and have either met or exceeded OEM standards, demonstrating the integrity of this growing brand.