There are wheels and there are BC Racing Forged WHEELS! The realness of a wheel is in its performance, its ability to out- last its peers and its ability to dominate tough terrains. An all weather wheel with all the top notch specifications to suit your vehicle comes natural to the BC forged brand.

The aftermarket holds a lot of expectations on the quality of wheels with the rising number of wheel brands, it is necessary to have adequate information about a certain brand before taking that leap. The BC forged has been around for years and has won the hearts or race car drivers as well as wheel enthusiasts worldwide with their extensive array of designs, finishes and top- performance wheels. The BC models have taken over the market and have achieved rave reviews for its excellence. The BC forged RS40 is another sweet invention which has proven itself to be a worthy adversary on the streets with its abilities. The RS40 comes in sizes ranging from 15” to 22” and 22 color options to choose from. The RS40 comes with a classic mesh pattern which is not just appealing but is built to suit your specifications. Purchasers can customize their wheels with additional features such as OEM center lock, diamond cut face finishes, and anti-slip knurled bead seat. Each new set of wheel is JWL and VIA certified; this ensures the product is of quality standard and completely safe. The RS40 is an excellent road companion, light in weight with exceptional abilities. Durability is another factor the RS40 is known for. Its strength is unequaled, hereby making it one of the best choices in car racing leagues. For more information or concerns feel free to contact us as we are always here to assist in every way we can. Our priority is your satisfaction.