BC Racing Coilovers

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BC Racing Custom Coilovers are one of the largest aftermarket suspension brands that are globally recognized. They have over 1720 unique suspension kits to select from and distribution chains that are located all over the world. Their expansion has grown significantly with its products being acknowledged by all types of car enthusiasts. With such a wide selection of options to choose from, there is a suspension kit for every car make, whether being to lower significantly, or reduce body roll. 

Founded by one man in 2006 out a garage, which has now grown to over 40,000 square feet of office and warehouse in Orlando, Central Florida. They have a fulltime team of professional sales, marketing, engineers warehousing and R&D that are all well experienced with outstanding customer service and product development. 

BC Racing engineers use the latest and most advanced technology when developing their coilovers. They also retain a sporty feel to the overall product, with performance never being compromised. The BC Racing brand has always been about maintaining affordable prices while making sure that their products are always superior in quality. For more information regarding the BC Racing brand send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 587-333-RACE(7223).   

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Showing all 11 results