ISC Suspension

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ISC Coilovers have been making and changing the world of coilovers for years. They are a unique company that specializes in making sure that their products are superior to competitors. They really emphasize the importance of quality and making sure that all customers are content with their purchases for the long haul. They have distribution networks all over the world and have only been gaining more and more recognition with each product they release. 

This revolutionary brand offers a lifetime warranty on all their products and has replaceable pieces for all their coilovers. Their products are mostly manufactured in Taiwan and with various other independent factories and assembly facilities. They take pride in making sure that all their suspension kits have the highest level of R&D and rigid testing procedures that are going to make sure their products are outstanding. ISC coilovers are known for their products being perfect for all styles of driving whether it be track, drift, street or stance.

ISC coilovers are optimal for improving the overall handling of your vehicle and are perfect for those who are looking for superior performance, easy adjustability and height and dampening. For further information regarding the ISC coilovers, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] where our team can help you out.

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Showing all 6 results