Blox Racing

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The BLOX Racing Coilover system has unique engineering in all its products. They use the latest innovations for cutting-edge technologies, processes and materials, while making sure that all products are tested in the highest manner.  They use a mono-tube construction that is designed with durability, performance and strength as the main criteria in their development process. Each mono-tube is specifically matched with spring rates and shock valving which creates perfect handling for any car enthusiasts. 

The Blox Racing brand was founded in 2003, relatively new to the Coilover aftermarket world, but has developed a reputation for their superior products that are outstanding in all dimensions. All their products have either met or exceeded the OEM standards with the best quality and materials used in all their products. BLOX Racing has exceeded the ISO 9001 certifications which even furthers the integrity that this brand has implemented, giving the best possible standards in all its product management.

Blox Racing Coilovers are now showcased in various car shows, publications, streetcars, and in various motorsports such as drifting, road racing and drag racing. This brand has not only peaked in making products that are outstanding, but they have an affordable price range that makes this brand even more desirable. For more information regarding this brand, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 587-333-RACE (7223).     

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